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VJ Solar  is one of the leading Supplier and exporters of international quality solar products. Gradually we have grown into a well-managed company  offering the best services in the industry. Our major concern is directed towards quality customer satisfaction.

Solar Panel Manufacturing from VJ SOLAR


100Wp solar Module Manufacturing


Automatic Tabber & Stringer VJ-1200

Automatic String Cutter

Equipment model

Automatic tabber & Stringer VJ1200

Feed forms

Automatically transfer, automatically detect of the visual system

Discharge and turn over form

Automatically transfer to the finished products box

Tin-coated strip supply form 

Automatically supply

Fluc supply form

Automatically load flux, automatically dry the Tin-coated strip

Welding forms

Non-contact soldering iron welding

Applicable cell specifications

125×125 156×156 (applicable for the cell over 38mm )

Applicable Tin-coated Cu strip specifications

Thick × Wide 〔(0.12-0.24) mm ×(0.8-2.0)mm〕particular specifications should be customized

The accuracy of cell arrangement

Deviation is less than ± 0.2 mm

The number of welding bus-bar 

2-4 slice


About 3-3.5 second / slice (1000-1200 slice / hour)

Breakage rate

Less than 0.20%

The number of operators

Each operator can guard 1-2 machine at the same time


Alternating current 380V about 8kwAC 

Gas source

Rated pressure should no less than 0.5MPa


Length 4600 × width 1400 × height 2100mm


Solar module manufacturing equipment specializes in solar module vacuum laminator, crystalline silicon solar cells, and thin film solar cells. Our Laminator can be integrated into fully-automated production line, or be operated independently. We have completely standard solar module manufacturing process in the production line and can give you a good quality and competitive price.

We develop and manufacture high-quality solar photovoltaic modules. Our state-of-art manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India is one of the largest production facilities in India.


We offer wide range of crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic modules are of the highest quality and guarantee high performance and energy yield per rated watt power.

Mono crystalline silicon PV Solar modules
Multi crystalline silicon PV Solar modules
Platina Black Series solar modules
Platina Series solar modules

Solar Modules
We are Pioneers in Manufacturig of Solar Home Lighting systems.

Some of our major products available for sale are:

• Solar Modules (mono/poly crystalline type)
• Solar Water Heater
• Solar Street Lighting System
• Portable Lanterns
• Solar home Lighting System
• Solar Water Pumping System
• Solar Cooking System